Friday, February 10, 2012

Still On the Road - Challenge 2012


Lajitas Peak

Another day in Lajitas.  Where no plan is the best plan.
Yesterday we geocached and got our Texas badge.
Today, the boys went shootin' and the girls went walkin'.
Then we sat in the sun and watched the mountains.
Made a pair of earrings.
Pizza at the Long Draw.
A quick update of all social media.
Tomorrow? Quien sabe?

The inspiration for today's earrings came as i stepped out the back door.  There's a large specimen of calcite setting at the foot of the stairs and little pieces frequently fall off.  I picked up two pieces, washed them off and set them down on the mat.

Not drilled.  Going to have to wrap them with wire.  Uhh. Free form wire wrapping is harder than it looks.  For me anyways!  So i took a piece of practice wire and played a bit then went the 18gauge non-tarnish brass plated copper core wire and wrapped those rocks, baby!

Then i used 22gauge wire (same as above) and made ear wires. The earrings are a teensy bit heavy but hey,  they're rock steady.

I really like these ear wires.  I used them for the green discs and for at least one another pair.  If you remember, it's a single piece of wire with a large loop and then the other end goes through your piercing.

So here's another pair in the challenge.  ha ha!  The challenge has morphed but we shall persevere and make earrings wherever we go!

Earring count:  35 in 37 days


  1. yay for geocaching and yay for texas patch! Love the earrings!